check out this video by HVOD on how to p

check out this video by HVOD on how to properly apply epoxy paint to your garage floor.


Orlando Wheelchair Van Rentals – Spookiest Places in Orlando

Orlando Wheelchair Van Rentals

October is a month that is synonymous with costumes, candy and most importantly, scary stories. If you are like most parents and take advantage of Halloween to take part in activities with your children, Wheelers Van Rentals and their Orlando Wheelchair Van Rentals service is what you need. Aside from the plethora of haunted houses you’ll see around the neighborhood Orlando boasts a wide array of haunted places which were not made that way purposely. If you’re in the Orlando area and are looking for a cool way to scare your children or loved ones, be sure to contact Wheelers for their Orlando Wheelchair Van Rentals service.

First on our list is the Longwood Hotel which is just off CR427 near the intersection 434 in Longwood. The building was constructed in 1927 and is believed by residents and police to be haunted by spirits. The building (formerly a hotel) is primarily used as an office building where employees have reported seeing spirits such as the ghost of George E. Clark. Clark was one of the hotel’s earliest owners. It is said that he died inside the building and regularly visits the property to haunt the corridors. Legend has it that years ago on a rainy night the police received a late night burglary call and saw a shadowy figure through one of the windows. The police surrounded the premises and did a thorough check only to find that the building was empty. If you’re in the area make sure you remember this anecdote to give your loved ones a little bit of a chill.

Second we have Orlando’s Econ River which is a remote location frequently visited to partake in activities such as picnicking and canoeing. But countless visitors claim to not be as alone as they thought they would be when visiting the seemingly tranquil venue. Every October 13 (that’s right, today) the spirit of a man named Christopher Klink appears hanging under the bridge (no, this is not the plot to a sequel to Bridge to Terabithia). Local legend has it that a bright light will flash right before he appears and the river will flow backwards. Whether its fact or fiction it’s up to you to decide.

If you happen to find yourself in central Florida, using Orlando Wheelchair Van Rentals chances are you’d have driven by this stretch of I-4 on your way to Daytona Beach. This place is known as The Dead Zone (that’s right, I said it) and it is allegedly one of the deadliest stretches with a higher than average accident ration. It may just be a coincidence (although there people argue there is no such thing as coincidences) but every year the Dead Zone is home to hundreds of accidents which are said to be explained by a supernatural phenomenon. Experts say that this portion of the highway is built over the graves of yellow fever victims and it is their diseased energy that causes so much trouble.

Scary stories are for those who choose to believe them but in any case they make for a good time and good ways to spend the scariest month of the year. Wheelers Van Rentals offer yearlong specials when you book their Orlando Wheelchair Van Rentals service and do so with free airport pick up and curbside delivery. Contact Wheelers today.

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Backed into your garage door? Hudson Valley Overhead Doors and Operators will fix it

We all make mistakes – especially when we’re in a hurry to get to work on time – but no blunder can be quite as frustrating as backing into the garage door. Not only will it cost money to repair, it will most likely make you even later for work.

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Wheelchair Accessible Activities in Hawaii

Hawaii Wheelchair Van Rentals

Hawaii Wheelchair Van Rentals

Wheelers Van Rentals is a Wheelchair Van Rental company that for over 25 years has been the pioneer for all accessible travels all over the country. Offering their services in every state Wheelers is striving to be in every major city in the country within the next 10 years. Recently Wheelers are promoting their Hawaii Wheelchair Van Rentals service with free airport pick up and curbside delivery to ensure comfort and security. Hawaii has activities that are fun for the whole family and because 1 out of every 5 Hawaiian inhabitants has limited mobility they want visitors to know that a physical limitation is not a hindrance.


Although Wheelers just handles the getting around of your Hawaii Wheelchair Van Rentals they feel the responsibility to have you be aware of changes when it comes to accessible hotels in the Aloha State. In the last 10 years, ADA rules state that all hotels are required to offer ADA accessible rooms and Wheelchairs for hotel use. This provides guests with the comfort in knowing that they will not have to make too many pre arrangements with hotels and ADA rules also dictate that these hotels also require swimming pool lifts.


Resorts have also been changed to suit the needs of all of its thousands of accessible guests that visit Hawaii every year. There are endless possibilities for restaurants within these resorts and the big island is no exception but you should also be aware that not all restaurants outside of the resorts are as accessible as they claim. The usually challenges you’ll find will be for those in walkers and scooters trying to visit restaurants with second floors, inconvenient parking, broken pavement and many stairs. Sometimes for good restaurants you might be better off staying in the resort because outside the real question might not be “is the food good?” but instead “can I go to dinner on my own if I chose to?” As with anywhere make sure to call a restaurant you want to go to beforehand.


If you ask anyone what the first thing that comes to mind when you mention Hawaii they will instantly say, beaches. When it comes to Hawaii, you want to see amazing beaches and that is exactly what you will see. Thanks to growing awareness and the government looking into issues that accessible visitors might encounter many beaches are now wheelchair accessible. According to the official website of major beaches in Honolulu, there are beaches that offer all terrain wheelchairs at the concession stands on many beaches. Some beaches are more focused on this than others but going to the beach is no longer a problem for Hawaii’s increasing number of accessible visitors.

It is hard to picture Hawaii being such a big tourist destination for disabled visitors because of its wide array of beaches but over recent years weather changes and higher tides has made Hawaii lose over 13 miles of coastline. This could be a big hit in the next few years if this negative trend were to continue Hawaii needs to find a new way to attract more visitors and focusing on making their cities and attractions more accessible is a good way to start. Wheelers are proud to provide their services in Hawaii and will continue to contribute to the discovery of new, interesting activities in the Aloha State for its accessible clients.


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Gutter Problems – Common Occurrences

A gutter installed on your property provides more positive than negative consequences but that alone will not avoid problems from occurring, especially the way weather is in the North East. A gutter guard sometimes gets hit hard when there is heavy rainfall even more so when there are problems with your roof that go beyond the work of your gutter guard. Make sure you have your roof inspected by Westchester Gutter Cleaning before or after any repairs to ensure a future problem won’t cost you thousands in repairs. Westchester Gutter Cleaning offers services such as Ardsley Gutter Cleaning, Bedford Gutter Cleaning, Harrison Gutter Cleaning and Hawthorne Gutter Cleaning among others. For more than 15 years, Westchester Gutter Cleaning has been delivering the best in Gutter services to Westchester County New York.

To begin, we know your home is located in the Northeast and we of all people know the haphazard weather that affects us on a yearly basis. This alone requires homeowners to be extra vigilant of their gutter system to ensure longevity. Without a doubt, the most common reason for a clogged gutter is leaves and debris that will eventually accumulate in your gutters. There are also other materials that make their way into the gutters. These materials include pine needles, pinecones, twigs, acorns, seeds, asphalt shingle, grit and many more. Now, we don’t mean to scare you but here are even more reasons for you to be concerned:

  1. A clogged gutter is hazardous for many reasons but the first is fire. Embers from wildfires can travel as far as a mile and half.
  2. A clogged gutter can serve as a lovely home to creatures such as insects and vermin. Water that doesn’t drain well will be a nesting ground for mosquitoes which can eventually spread illness and disease.
  3. Water may also overflow which often penetrates and sides foundations. The mold that results can be a major health hazard to your family.
  4. The aforementioned mold can also contribute to the formation of sludge. This reduces the life of your gutters by weighing them down and attacking the metal coating.

What many homeowners do as a solution to these problems can quite possibly be the two worst mistakes that anyone can make. They either climb up and try and solve the problem themselves (which is a bad idea) or they pay an eager neighbor kid to do it for them (which is an even worse idea).

Another solution to this problem (and quite frankly, the best one) would be to contact Westchester Gutter Cleaning for a free quote. They alone have both the experience and customer satisfaction rate to perform services such as Purchase Gutter Cleaning, Pelham Gutter Cleaning, Yorktown Gutter Cleaning, Valhalla Gutter Cleaning and Ardsley Gutter Cleaning. They offer installations, maintenance and repairs.

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