Brazil Soccer Stadiums, More Accessible Than Ever

Wheelers Brazil Blog

As all you soccer fans out there must know, the FIFA World Cup is being hosted this upcoming summer in beautiful Brazil. Twelve stadiums are on their way of being 100% finished for the upcoming event and soccer fans everywhere are going crazy counting the days left before the first match. Brazil has hosted two world cups before and as a rising economic powerhouse plans to put on a show that no one will forget.

The previous world cup was hosted in South Africa but being that South Africa is not the most popular tourist destination, it didn’t have the popularity that the people at FIFA expected it to. Brazil on the other hand is one of the world’s most popular destinations for business and pleasure. The beaches of Rio are visited by thousands every year and are expected to receive more people after the upcoming world cup championship. What does this mean for handicapped soccer lovers? For the upcoming cup, families with  disabled relatives that want to visit Brazil can now have their loved one accommodated properly. The stadiums that are 90% finished, have seating for people with disabilities the way no other stadiums have before. The Castelão in Fortaleza is an example of how football may bring about this type of legacy in the country. From the total of 63,903 seats, 1,675 are reserved for obese people, or people with disabilities.

This is great news for soccer lovers everywhere. The stipulated rule is that every stadium must have at least 1% of its seats set up so that people with all disabilities can attend. These new stadiums in Brazil have a whopping 2.4% and not just for our accessible relatives. Mobile impaired and people suffering from obesity are also invited to take part as there are seating arrangements for everyone.

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